ChE 597, Energy Systems Analysis

Spring 2013, Fall 2014

  • Prepared and graded homeworks.
  • Worked on preparing course material.
  • Delivered ~20% of classroom lectures and provided lecture notes.
ChE 450, Design and Analysis of Process Systems

Spring 2014

  • Prepared Aspen teaching labs for all 6 lab sections.
  • Conducted 3 lab sections for a total of 78 students.
  • Prepared and graded 12 different Aspen qualifying exams for 6 lab sections.
  • Evaluated final project presentations.
  • I have prepared Aspen teaching lab instructions to include the new features of the software
  • I have prepared a new curriculum and a complete set of lab instructions for the newest version of Aspen. This includes documentation to use Aspen v.8.6, eight two-hours-long lab exercises, solution simulations, and a set of example lab examination.
ChE 377, Momentum Transfer

Fall 2012

  • Conducted weekly recitations and laboratory sections for 2 sections and 52 students.
  • Solved problems and covered fundamentals of Momentum Transfer principles.
  • Graded exams and projects, prepared rubric for homework assignments.
  • Hold office hours and help sessions.
    Instructed one class.
ChE 411, Undergraduate Research

Fall 2012, Summer2014

  • I have conducted two undergraduate research projects. I introduced these junior researchers to the basics of biomass to liquid fuel conversion processes and also to the needed research tools. They have examined the role of biomass types and water utilizations during the conversion processes. I helped them develop a project plan, kept them on track in plan execution and advised them in the organization of their reports and presentations. Being a research mentor to these young researchers was very inspiring for me. One of the students decided to continue his education and he is now a Ph.D. student at UPenn.